Max & Thorne

Together...Anything Is Possible



What real creative freedom feels like in a theme

Pixel Perfection

Salient was built with a high attention to details both in design & code


His village attacked, his father taken. A boy stands alone. All seems lost until a good deed brings him an unlikely ally: a dragon.


Son & Adventurer


Father & Healer


Savior & Archer


Friend & Protector

The Story

Max’s dad is taken after their village is attacked. Max is alone. He despairs at first, but he soon makes a very powerful ally in a dragon. They decide to team up to find and save his father. As the story unfolds, we learn answers to our many questions: Why was their village attacked? Why was his father taken and who is really responsible.

The Mission

It’s simple. Max is fighting to find his father and be reunited with him. This adventure will test his limits and expand his horizons. Is he up for the task? He believes he is…and so do I.

The Team

Max and his new ally Thorne have several adventures while searching for his father. While they make a few enemies along the way they make more friends. It’s these fiends that help them continue to complete their mission and find Max’s dad.